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The Work of Wool 


Sometimes reading about something in a book is just not enough to make us feel like we can do it in real life. We all know the hand is the instrument of the mind and our hands need to touch and do, in order for our mind to fully understand. 


I am now offering workshops, which show teachers how to bring more Handwork naturally into their environment and give them the confidence to attempt skills/crafts, they might previously have felt were beyond them. 


Montessori Handwork Workshops are suitable for everyone – from complete beginners to those who already craft, but would like ideas on how to structure their Handwork programme and add a “Montessori lens.”

Each workshop is tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience, however you can expect them to include a mixture of theory and practical sessions. Some parts will be lectures, some stories, some physical demonstrations.  Most of the time will be spent in practical work so that participants can learn the skills and gain confidence to teach Handwork to their students.

During a typical two-day workshop participants are introduced to several methods of working with wool in order to develop their knowledge, excitement and confidence in this area of Handwork.


They gain a basic understanding of the processes of wool, both traditional and commercial and will also learn the fundamentals of spinning, knitting, crochet and felting, beginning with making their tools and leading to projects that they will be able to repeat with their students.


If you are interested in booking a workshop please use the form below to contact me for further information and availability.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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