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Montessori in a Nutshell

Children working on a solar system pin map in a Montessori classroom.

What is Montessori?


Montessori is a method of education which is in use all over the world and has been going for over a hundred years. Montessori children choose their own work, and are allowed to complete it without interruption, so they develop great concentration and focus. They use hands on materials, and part of their curriculum is grace and courtesy – how to treat each other, and their environment.


All children start off with a deep desire to learn, and ask endless questions. Montessori students don’t lose this love of learning as students in traditional schools can. There are three year levels in each class, so children become teachers and learn from each other –there is no stigma when students of different ages have a lesson together because they are all ready for it, or it is a topic of great interest for them.


Many traditional schools are now experimenting with inquiry-based learning; flexible seating arrangements; individual or small group lessons; personalised learning; learners and teachers working together – yet these are all integral parts of the Montessori philosophy and have been for over one hundred years!

Children serving Community Lunch in a Montessori classroom.

There are numerous resources around the web to help you learn more about Montessori,  to get you started, here is a A lighthearted cartoon explainer by Trevor Eissler of Montessori Madness, of how Montessori allows children to learn at their own pace, keep their fire burning and explore their world.

Child cooking on a hobo stove in a Montessori enviroment.
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