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The Work of Wool 

A Montessori Handwork Album

The Work of Wool - A Montessori Handwork Album is the first in a series of books containing stories, histories, lessons and practical advice to help teachers and home educators integrate handwork throughout their teaching.

This book holds an approachable, yet thorough, handwork curriculum that will keep children engaged and excited about working with wool, from the age of six to twelve, and far beyond.

The Work of Wool is a beautifully put together book with step by step instructions for lessons and historical stories to pique children's interest in each area of work.

All lessons and stories have been extensively tested and approved by trained Montessori teachers.


  • 265 pages of full colour heavyweight pages.

  • Special concealed wire binding allows the book to be opened flat or flipped double, whilst still having a beautiful spine that will stand out on your bookshelf.

  • Dimensions: 320 x 230 x 23 mm

  • Weight: 1.06kgs

Buy the complete curriculum:

The Work of Wool A Montessori Handwork Album

including copyable card material to accompany lessons for: 


Chapters Include:


Introduction to Wool

Notes, tips and explanations for the teacher.  Lessons on the process of wool from sheep to garment (including how to do it with your students) and a whole pile of stories about wool and it’s place in the world.


The Science of Wool

Guided scientific investigations into the properties of wool and experiments to identify different fibres.



Lessons to help children follow the path of the early humans as they first invented spinning.  Explorations of the tools spinners use and their histories. Lessons on making your own tools.  Lessons on spinning and finishing yarn.



Stories and lessons to explore different types of weaving looms, making and using your own looms. Also includes finger weaving and stick weaving.



An exploration of the history of pompoms and a lesson on making these happy little balls of fluff.


Finger Knitting

Knitting with humankinds’ original tools – the hands.  Lessons on single finger and four-finger knitting.



Stories of the history of knitting, lessons on making your own tools and a rhyme to help children remember how to use them.  Patterns and project ideas taking the students from their first stitch right through to colourwork and blocking.



A story of the history of crochet and an exploration of crochet hooks leading students to carve one for themselves.  Lessons on first stitches with a rhyme to help children remember them.  Early project ideas.



A story of the history of this ancient craft to inspire children’s own explorations.



Stories of the history of felt, lessons in 2D and 3D wet felting and needle felting as well as project ideas including layered felt balls, a felt pouch and felt gloves.



An explanation of the basic dyeing process including the use of mordents.  Strategies for making dyeing work in your environment and fail-safe recipes to make natural dyes from plants.

What people are saying about

The Work of Wool

A Montessori Handwork Album:

"What Carol has managed to do with this Handwork album is to give all the information you need to be able to present handwork lessons, even without in depth knowledge or experience.

Bravo!  A book that is for Montessori teachers, by a Montessori teacher, who has tried and tested every lesson.  A must have for every Elementary classroom!!"

- Anna Mclean

AMI Trained 3-6 and 6-12 teacher

Montessori School Deputy Principal

"For Montessori teachers, this album is what we have been missing! Trainers tell us to incorporate handwork throughout the curriculum, and Carol shows us how. 

This Handwork Album starts with engaging stories to share with children, then leads you through step-by-step lessons. It  makes the teaching of handwork achievable, no matter your previous skill level. I highly recommend it to all teachers and parents!"

 - Sharon Udy

 AMI trained 9-12 teacher

"I will be eternally grateful to Carol, as we now have a Montessori Handwork Album!


The amount of time, energy, commitment and passion put into producing this beautiful album is evident in every page you turn.  All the hard work has been done for us – stories researched, photos collated and step by step instructions provided with photos, breaking each step down in to a format even a beginner can follow.

 if you want to experience first-hand children’s commitment, perseverance and resilience develop and witness the sense of pride felt when they’ve completed a piece of hand work then The Work Of Wool is a must."




- Jackie Kirk

AMI trained 6-9 teacher

Buy the complete curriculum:

The Work of Wool A Montessori Handwork Album

including copyable card material to accompany lessons for: 


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