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Workshops Scheduled!!!

Boy spinning wool in a Montessori classroom.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have, what is for me, and hopefully for some of you, some very exciting news: I have my first two Montessori Handwork Workshops scheduled! Two! And they are each two days long! Well. one of them is one and half days, but then there is the opportunity to continue handworking for several more days if desired - let me explain...................

The first workshop is taking place at the AMI Elementary Alumni Association Summer Conference 2018, in Boulder, Colorado in July. I know, right - pretty cool debut!

The Summer Conference is five days long and my workshop is right at the start so anyone who would like to carry on playing with wool afterwards, can do so for the rest of the time if they so desire, and I'll be around to help out where I can. This will be my first time at an EAA Summer Conference and I am sooo excited about it (seriously, I'm driving my family crazy).

The second workshop is for the wonderful Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand (MANZ) who have supported me through so much of this journey. It will take place in mid-September 2018, and is aimed at elementary teachers, but open to anyone. It is a two day residential workshop, held at Silverstream Retreat in the Wellington Region of New Zealand. More details here.

Here is my workshop abstract:

This workshop aims to show teachers what an important element of Cosmic Education Handwork is, and how they can integrate it into their curriculum.

Participants will be introduced to several methods of working with wool in order to develop their knowledge, excitement and confidence in this area of Handwork. They will gain a basic understanding of the processes of wool, both traditional and commercial, and will be given stories and lessons to share with their students. Participants will also learn the basics of spinning, knitting, crochet and felting, beginning with making their tools and leading to projects that they will be able to repeat with their students.

As well as giving a practical understanding of wool crafts, this workshop aims to inspire a love of Handwork and to demystify it as a concept, so that participants feel able to introduce both the work of wool and other forms of Handwork into their environments.

The workshop is suitable for everyone – from complete beginners to those who already craft, but would like ideas on how to structure their Handwork programme and add a “Montessori lens.”

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? But I know we can do it, because Handwork is great!

It's a little early to register for either workshop just yet, but if you are keen to come, please keep an eye on the organisers' websites for more details. I would truly love to meet you!

If you can't attend either of these, stay tuned, I'll tell you all about them afterwards and hopefully schedule some more one day!

This will be my last post before Christmas - I hope you all manage to have some wonderful family time, celebrating the ones that you love.

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