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Handwork Album Ready to GO!

Cover of Montessori Handwork ALbum

Guess what???!!!! I’ve finished writing my Handwork Album!!!!! I really have!!! Here is a sneak preview of the cover.

For me, and my family and many of the people around me, both virtually and physically this is the climatic point of three years solid work. For those of you who have not been involved in the process – let me tell you, it has been huge.

I have been researching writing, testing and reviewing absolutely everything to do with wool. I then configured it all into a comprehensive elementary curriculum that is approachable for people with no experience of craft, but is engaging to those with plenty of experience and are looking for a more Montessori approach.

Last week my fellow teachers from Wa Ora Montessori School and Aroha Montessori, got together to put the Album to the 'Montessori test' – they went over every lesson, story and introduction with fine-toothed combs. It had already been proof read for punctuation etc. - this was about content - and they were rigorous!

They cross referenced to make sure I had explained every term the first time I used it, was consistent in my phrasing and all the instructions made sense. Late into the night, we had made it most of the way through the pile of papers and our brains were fried. They divided the last few chapters up between them and took them away for homework. You have to love the dedication of teachers!

Naively, I thought that once I had finished writing the Album, my job would be done. I had planned to use a publisher so didn’t give too much thought to printing and distribution, but have decided to self-publish. This means I now have to learn EVERYTHING about publishing. You would not believe how complicated it is.

Working out how to get the Album out to those who would like it is my current challenge. I have not slept much this week. Even when I am lying in bed with my eyes closed, officially in sleep mode, I am working on my Album. I’m wondering if I should have used a bigger font for the blurb on the back, if I have forgotten to thank someone on the acknowledgements page, or if I really need all those expensive colour pictures. Or I’m trying to work out the best way to distribute copies to the various countries people might order from, and then I’m panicking that I might not have to distribute them as there might not actually be any orders and I will be stuck with a garage full of books.

For now though, it is time to celebrate and in my family - that means ice-cream! Check out these enormous 'Freak Shakes'! Yes, that is a syringe full of chocolate sauce you see, an the Unicorn Shakes have RAINBOW BACON! - makes all the hard work worth it.

I know this is frustrating but I can’t give you a release date yet, or a cover price. But it is coming. I will be selling it through this website and when it is ready, I will send a discount coupon out to everyone on my mailing list. So if you are keen to own a copy of The Work of Wool: A Montessori Handwork Album, please subscribe and I’ll keep you posted.

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