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Gratitude and Blessings

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In all my excitement with the snowballing progress of my Handwork Album, I have overlooked something very important. It was pointed out to me tonight that I have not acknowledged my biggest supporter. This is a hugely embarrassing oversight, and whilst I have thanked them privately, I feel a public acknowledgement is in order.

When I first began researching my Handwork Album, Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand, (MANZ) awarded me the Binda Goldsbrough Research Grant. This enabled me to buy books, tools, and various other materials, including lots and lots of wool. It has meant that I have been able to access other philosophy’s curricula, attend courses, meet with experts and have plenty of fluffy goodness to experiment with in both my own class and others.

At the annual MANZ Conference 2017, MANZ facilitated me meeting with Elementary teachers from across the country to talk about my project and ask for support in beta testing my Album. Several members of the MANZ Council also offered me personal words of support, which gave me the confidence to pursue this project to the next stage.

When the idea to go to the International Montessori Congress in Prague struck me, I approached MANZ again for help. They generously gave me a second grant, which covered my travel and registration – without which I would never have been able to attend.

I don’t know how I neglected to mention MANZ’s contributions to this project, and for that I am sorry.

MANZ, I hope you accept my apologies and know that my gratitude towards you is real and constantly present.

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